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Drywall Repair

damaged drywall repair

At DC Drywall Contractors, we trust that all of our drywall installations are very high-quality and are made to last you for a very long time. They are low maintenance and durable, however, like any other similar material, drywall can get damaged. Ranging from scratching and superficial damage to punctures and holes, any type of damage is going to decrease the quality of your drywall. So, whenever you notice that yours has any problems, you are going to give us a call right away. We’ll be able to deliver you the drywall repair that you need to recover the complete aesthetic, stop the heat from escaping, and ultimately, get your drywall back in its best shape.

Patch Repair 

The vast majority of drywall repairs that our team does are small jobs and don’t require an invasive repairs job. It’s quite common to find that a small dent or hole gets into drywall, often caused by an impact with furniture or a doorknob. But if you manage to do something similar to yours, you don’t need to waste a moment worrying. That is because we can deliver you our drywall patch repair service, guaranteed to restore full quality to your walls. This is a fairly routine service for us and by now, we know how to get results quickly and smoothly, every time.

Large Patch Repair 

If you have managed to put a larger hole in your drywall however, you are going to need an equally large fix. Usually, that can come in the form of a larger patch that uses a freshly cut piece of drywall in place of the hole. Our team will take precise measurements and make sure that we are putting a perfectly fitted slab into the space so that the damages are completely gone forever. Then, we’ll make sure that everything is secured and patched into place, ready for a fresh coat of paint to go over the top.

Drywall Paint Repair 

Following on from any drywall repairs job, it is the painting that makes the difference. We understand that it is never nice to have a patch stand out from the rest of your walls and so, we want to reassure you that we’ll never leave your drywall like that. Instead, we’ll always paint over the top and restore the original look of the walls, blending the fix right back into the rest of your home aesthetic.


On occasions, the extent of the damage done to your drywall might be too great to fix. Especially with things like water damage and severe impact damages, it is often much more beneficial to opt for a completely new replacement. In the long run, you’ll end up saving money and getting a much longer lifespan out of your replacement. So, we’ll always deliver you a new drywall installation when it is necessary and make sure that your home is once again fully equipped with high-quality drywall, throughout.

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