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Misc (Acoustic Ceilings and Walls, Doors)

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With any drywall installation, it is the finer details that make the difference. While all of our products are great and we know we can give you the best prices in town, if our installations aren’t meeting your needs, they aren’t going to be worth it. That is why our team always makes sure we are finding the most suitable options for you and recreating the design ideas and plans that you have. Included in this are a range of specific drywall installations that we can make should you want us to. At DC Drywall Contractors, we can provide you with door installations, curved drywall, and even acoustic walls and ceilings. All of these serve their purpose in their own right and if you want to take advantage of them, then trust in us and we’ll make sure you have the best!


Having doors throughout your home or your workplace is essential. You want to be able to move freely through the space, as well as being able to make it private once in a while too. So, you are going to want to come to our team to take care of the installation of doors in your home. Simply tell us where you would like them to go and how you would like movement to flow through your house, and our talented team will make sure that we are installing each door accordingly.

Acoustic Walls 

In both residential and commercial environments, acoustics can be important. They are just as crucial to any home entertainment room as they are in large scale auditoriums and events halls. But making them takes specific products and serious experience on the job. Luckily for you, at DC Drywall Contractors, we can offer you both of these things. Adding special insulation as well as applying acoustic drywall panels and fasterners can achieve excellent soundproofing.  We’ve constructed countless acoustic walls for our clients over the years and we’ve been able to achieve real success from them.   So, if you too know you could do with these specialized walls in your property, you know you can trust in our team to deliver them.

Acoustic Ceilings 

No proper acoustic room can be fully completed until the ceiling has been taken into account, as well. So, it should go without saying that we know how to create acoustic ceilings to an equally high standard of quality. Therefore, whether you are wanting an entirely acoustically constructed room or you are solely looking to have the ceiling done, you’ll be able to count on the expertise of our team.

Curved Drywall 

One of the premium drywall installation options that we can offer to our clients is our curved drywall option. Great for aesthetics, design, practicality, and sometimes acoustics as well, curved drywall is a specialist product that our team knows how to use best. And, if you feel that it would make a good addition to your home or workspace, we would be able to show you exactly that. Trust us for your next curved drywall installation and we can promise you that you’ll have the very best.

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