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Drywall Finishing & Texturing

affordable drywall finishing and texturing

Every homeowner wants their interior to look the best it can. And while drywall is a great material to use for your walls and ceilings practically, on its own, it simply isn’t going to look its best. However, by properly finishing and even texturing that drywall, that can all be changed and you could find that your drywall is given the highest quality aesthetics. At DC Drywall Contractors, we can help you do just that through our drywall finishing and texturing services. Using our great drywall mud compound, we can create smooth and striking finishes and textures, guaranteed to be the perfect finishing touch to each of the walls and ceilings in your home.

Drywall Mud 

The most important component in finishing any drywall installation is the mud. Made up of water, limestone, and several other key components, it is a clean and sleek material that can be applied to the entire surface of any drywall installation. When dry, it gives a very clean look and it will no doubt be an improvement to absolutely any drywall. And, if you plan to texture or paint the surface in any way, a good quality drywall mud will be the only thing that can bring you the great results that you want.

Precision Finishing 

Our team has been in the drywall game for years and we know better than anyone else in DC what it takes to deliver a perfect finishing job. Each member of our team is blessed with a keen eye for detail and that is why we always produce precise results with finishing. We’ll use the drywall mud effectively to cover up all of the corners, screws, tape, and every small blemish in between until you are left with a sleekly finished wall to use as you please.

Wall Textures 

For many people, the best way to achieve the aesthetic that they want for their walls is to add texture. Completely different from what any regular paint can offer you, a textured wall gives a unique and stylish look to any home. Our team is the true professional with wall texturing and we know exactly how to create interesting textures that we know you are going to love. Simply tell us the look that you would like to achieve and our guys will be able to apply the most effective techniques to do so. Just leave our skilled team takes care of the job and we’ll make sure you are always left with a striking wall, that wows every one of your friends.

Ceiling Textures 

Just as much as with your walls, you may wish to create a texture on your ceiling. Popcorn ceiling texture used to be popular, but there are many textures available.  You can change the feeling of a room with some thoughtful texturing and it could be the perfect thing to finish of the style of your home. So, you are going to want to let our team go to work with your image and you can say for certain that you’ll always end up with the best results.

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