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Framing (Wood & Metal)

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Whenever a completely new wall is being installed, there is much more to construct that simply the drywall. In fact, the most important thing is the framing that goes around a space, separating off the various rooms. These are necessary to create strong and stable walls, that are going to be able to last without any maintenance. Essential in every single type of building, whether you are having a wall installed to an office space or a home extension, it is important that you get a quality frame. And for that, you know that you can count on our team, at DC Drywall Contractors. Our team of experts has been installing walls for years and we know how to get the very best every time. So, trust in us and we can promise you a quality-made installation, that you can count on lasting you a lifetime.

Metal Framing 

Metal framing is one of our two types of framing and has been a choice pick for many of our clients. Our metal framing is highly durable and very low maintenance. It is more than capable of supporting any wall and does very well with larger installations. But not all metal framing is the same and our team knows this better than anyone. We only provide the very best metal framing for our clients and so, whenever you receive one from us, you know it is going to be one that you can depend on for many years to come.

Wood Framing 

Alternatively, you may prefer to have wood framing installed into your property, to support the drywall. In the typical residential home, this is the perfect thing. A very affordable option, it’ll be more than capable of working for any normal-sized wall and shouldn’t have much of a need for maintenance. However, if you do ever need repairs or a replacement, the job will always be quick and easy, meaning you’ll never go without your great wooden framing for long.


Every home needs to have proper wall installations to separate each room. It can make any house feel more complete and especially when it has been tailored to meet your ideas, it’ll make a huge difference to your enjoyment of your home. So, whether you are renovating your current home or building a brand-new one, trust our team to take care of the framing inside your home and we can promise results that live up to every one of your needs.


Just as much with any commercial property, we are more than able to give you orderly and precise results with your framing. All you need to do is share with us your needs for space and how we can create it, and we would be glad to set up any framing accordingly. Choose between metal or wood to find the perfect one for you and we’ll make sure that you have the wall frames that you need, for the lowest price.

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